Accessorize your Small Guest Bathroom for Buyer Appeal

Add these touches, you will feel the buyer is welcome, while the beauty in the room. Invest a little in the smart vanity accessories including soap pumps, lotion, matching soap dish and a style full of paper.

Fluffy new towels are also a must. Roles of art and place them on a rack or in a large wicker basket. Finish the look with a few strategically-placed decorative candles and bath salts infused with mild essential oils. Alternatively, a bundle of fresh rosemary or thyme tied with a pretty satin ribbon could make for a beautiful sight and scent.

The bathroom can be the home of the smallest of the range, but they show a clean, spa-like bathroom to what appeals to the buyer. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You can get a elegant and unique look on a budget with the above decorating ideas. While performing think about what you are looking for in a bathroom if you are staying in a nice hotel and try to re-create for the potential buyers. A clean, comfortable and functional rooms can really come a long way in the direction of go to make you feel welcome.