Japanese Style Bathroom

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Japanese style bathroom is usually a combination of elegance and practicability. Having the effects of relaxing and at the same time guaranteeing your hygiene.

Japanese Style Bathroom

Material Used in Styling the Bathroom

The bathroom usually features some Japanese rich traditional architecture and designs combined with some elements of modern décor. Natural materials are given prominence in the designs maintaining artificial materials to the bare minimal. You will therefore find materials such as natural wood, stone and bamboo being more used in their designs maintaining an eco style in the bathroom.

The use of bamboos in this type of bathroom design plays a critical role in ensuring that your bathroom maintains a natural look in an eco friendly manner. Bamboos are known worldwide as one of the most renewable natural resource and this will therefore be a plus among the features in your bathroom.

Japanese Style Bathroom

Today, bathrooms designed in this style have embraced to a large extent the use of modern finishes. This call is not only informed by common sense but also by necessity. Due to the fact that these natural building materials are easily destroyed by moisture and the change in temperatures from time to time in the bathroom, the bathroom is usually incorporated with modern materials such as ceramic tiles. These ceramic tiles are usually a close identical to the natural wood and bamboo used in their designing.

The Different Types of Designs

This type of bathroom may either take a more decorative design or minimize on its designs. The bathroom style with minimal decorations is usually preferred in designing smaller bathrooms. On the other hand, larger styled bathrooms usually have more decorations and in colorful tastes. However, a typical bathroom is often defined by its integration of exotic Japanese hieroglyphs, pictures of flora and fauna and traditional Japanese ornaments.

Common Features in the Bathroom

Colors used
In modern times, bathroom designers have come to appreciate more colorful shades of color. Although not common, colors such as green and turquoise have been used to delicately enhance the beauty of a Japanese styled bathroom. Bright colors should however be maintained to a minimal so as to avoid distractions. This type of a bathroom is a place of peace and tranquility. Other bathrooms however, may maintain a single color in the designs of the fittings, walls and floor of the bathroom.

Japanese Style Bathroom

Incorporation of nature representatives
Since these bathrooms are often associated with natural beauty and an appreciation to nature, they may integrate features such as fountains, ferns, flowers and other natural elements that enhance the natural beauty in the bathroom. It is worth to note that the Japanese culture believes in the power of water and therefore incorporating fountains in the bathroom will add to the authenticity of the bathroom style.

Japanese Style Bathroom

High Quality hard wood is usually the main theme in the furniture around a bathroom; this includes the chairs and dressing tables in the bathroom. The furniture is sometimes left unfinished or finished in a manner that seeks to further enhance the natural beauty of the material. Authentic Japanese screens such as Shoji are sometimes incorporated in designing this bathroom.

Shoji may be used in both internal and external designing in the bathroom due to their ability to diffuse light. Screens have a complementary effect on large and heavy bath tubs and sinks such as those made of stone and wood. This is because of the fact that they are able to diffuse more light and air in the bathroom improving the air condition in it.

Japanese Style Bathroom

Shoji and other screens are also used in separating the bathroom from other rooms in the house. This is because bathrooms should allow easy and open movement from one space to the other. In other cases, glass is used to give this effect.

Bath tubs and Sinks
Bath tubs in a bathroom may be made from wood, stone, porcelain or metal. Normally bath tubs are often in the shapes of a bowl or basin. Sinks too may be made from glass, porcelain, metal or wood. Curvy designs are often incorporated in bath tubs and sinks in this styled bathroom as a way of complementing the rougher designs within the bathroom. In recent times, this type of bathroom design has started to incorporate small soaking tubs in them. This is usually for the main reason of relaxing your body and not bathing.

In as much as this style of bathroom is centered in both relaxation and hygiene, the Japanese culture believes in keeping both aspects separately. The culture also believes in thorough cleaning before bathing. It is therefore essential to ensure that when designing your bathroom using this style you build a separate shower cubicle. The bathing tub should take the main space in the bathroom.

Japanese Style Bathroom

Usually the toilet should be separated from the bath tub so as to maintain a sense of hygiene in the bathroom. Separation may be in the form of separate rooms or leaving out some space between the bath tub and the toilet and separating the two using a curtain or paper partition.

Walls, Floors and Ceilings
In a typical Japanese styled bathroom, walls and floors are mainly decorated using tiles while ceilings mainly use light bamboo or rice paper. This usually creates a sense of incorporating both natural and artificial components to produce the best of the combination in a bathroom.

The Lighting System
The bathroom usually combines both artificial and natural lighting sources. It is therefore critical to determine where the lights will be located in this styled bathroom when designing it. Usually, the determinant factor is the area of the bathroom that you would like to be highlighted by the lights. This reasoning follows the fact that in oriental designs a particular part of the décor is usually highlighted. Harsher lights should therefore be avoided in this type of bathroom.

Japanese Style Bathroom


Bathrooms are often overlooked in our typical day to day lives. Yet they play a very critical role in our lives. A Japanese styled bathroom incorporates both natural and artificial features decorated by soothing Japanese oriental decorations to provide you with a sense of hygiene and relaxation after a hard day’s work.

Japanese Style Bathroom

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