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Beadboard in Bathrooms Is Cozy and Traditional

Beadboard wall treatments are a beautiful and traditional way of adding some visual interest to a bathroom. If you add some half-way down their wall, or over its entire surface, it is sure to keep your bathroom cozy, inviting and warm.

If you love more comfortable styles, this beadboard bathroom will surely inspire your next remodel, or just your Pinterest board.This cozy cottage bathroom by Seth Benn photo via Houzz, features an unexpected twist to the beadboard theme: horizontal installation.

Although beadboard is installed vertically, you can break the mold and try the other direction. The Effect? A visual pull-in is similar to the depth of the room. It’s closet is like walking into an old cedar tree.

Monochrome Beadboard Contras

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

In a monochromatic bathroom, beadboard, a light contrast to your wall color. This cozy, chic bathroom by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design shows you exactly how to do it.

The light grey of the beadboard and mirror frame contrast with the lighter wall, for a stylish and traditional effect. White doesn’t have to be all white… it can be to be a little grey.

Lindsey Cheney

This soft, family-friendly design by Lindsey Cheney of The pleated poppy is a great example of how you can successfully color and beadboard together can use.

It is a nice feeling of movement here. The all-over beadboard contrasts with the square mirrors, adding a vertical dimension. The pairing of mint green, white, and sandy tan is simple, neutral and beautiful.

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