Bathroom Floor

Black-and-White Bathroom Floor Tiles Are Making a Huge Comeback

When it comes to the classic design-ideas-black-and-white tiles is a king, while they fade in popularity, it’s never really out of fashion. And now, the look makes a great comeback in the bathrooms across the country.

After he was overlooked for decades, black-and-white-tiled-mosaic floors to jump up in the bathroom-everywhere and always a go-to, once again, for homeowners, according to Apartment Therapy. Bathroom Floor

Available in various patterns and materials, the retro-looking tiles in almost any bathroom space, they complement virtually any color of the palette, and they are quite affordable. Plus, if you install them in your house, and you will still look stylish for decades.

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You can make your floor by selecting from a range of matte or glossy tiles in shapes like hexagon, octagon, basket weave, or square You can also style and create one-of-a-kind tile arrangements and patterns — another reason to love this versatile!

The best part? They go beautifully with a variety of farmhouse-style staples, such as subway tiles, shiplap, reclaimed wood and antique accessories. And to update, if you want, or to renovate your bathroom in a few years, you are assured that this is an area of the bathroom you will never have to swap.

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