Bold Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bold Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting is often underestimated as a decorative function. We take it for granted: a flip of a switch, and it is there. But the lighting—and lights especially—you can make a really big difference in the comfort, style, and look of your bathroom.

Bathroom lighting has several purposes: to give you enough light to do what you need to do, even in the middle of the night; for the relaxation and calm when taking a bath; you can activate your body and mind in the morning, to set you in the right light to make-up.

So, in a certain day, you need to different types of light sources and intensity depending on what you do. Choose your lighting wisely—and with an eye for style—is a good investment in time and money for a bathroom that will last you for many years.

Why should you use grease lighting?

Bathrooms are often understated, to the point of being minimalist. Makes bold lighting choices can wow from a boring space into something visually interesting and with a lot of “it” – factor.

What does “fat” really is a personal decision. It can be really fat, as in a strong visual choice, draws attention to itself, subtle or bold, as in the lighting, the highlights and supports other style elements in your room.

Depending on what your definition of “fat”, the selection of lighting that is both practical and stylish, so difficult. In fact, here are some bold lighting ideas that you can try in your own bathroom.

Vanity lighting is the lighting that goes above your vanity mirror.

This is do to the lighting that you use, most of the things in front of the mirror brushing your teeth, style your hair, do your make-up.

This lighting should be bright, and directed downwards to prevent side shadows. You want to be her face lights up, as if the sun was shining down on it.

A bold choice might be so.something as simple as this Desk lamp in retro-look of the lamp, or something a little more modern, like this textured bronze 3 lamp vanity light

For the glamorous bath, try this crystal LED vanity lights. When it comes to vanity lights, light fixtures, sticking out of the wall and hanging over the mirror, more attention than in the track lights, the flusher against the wall.

You can also add interesting vanity lighting to your mirror in the bathroom. Made of strips of LEDs that light up effectively make-up, this type of lighting, the appearance (and functionality) increased from a bathroom, if it is turned on.