Colors From Joanna Gaines

Colors From Joanna Gaines’ Paint Line That Would Be Perfect for Her Baby’s Room

By now you have probably heard that the Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines is pregnant with her fifth child. While we can’t wait to find out the gender and what the name of your newborn, we are admittedly the most curious to see how the designer decorates your new baby’s nursery.

We have our guesses (tip: neutral colors are in abundance), and based on what we know about JoJo, we bet you ‘ ll choose one of these shades of your Magnolia Home Joanna Gaines paint-collection of KILZ to the walls.

This is a staple as a Magnolia-and for good reason. A creamy, weathered, white ($44 for a gallon, fits perfectly with colored accents that help stimulate your baby in mind. Genius!
Joanna Gaines Children’s Room Colors

It Is Good

If the couple is young, like Chip says, the sky is blue with muted shades of grey ($44 for a gallon, is a likely choice for the nursery. When paired decorated with warm, neutral tones and raw wood surfaces, this shade will evoke a feeling of comfort for mom and baby.
Joanna Gaines Children’s Room Colors


Another clearly masculine shadow is this deep Dolphin grey with blue undertones ($44 for a gallon,
Joanna Gaines Children’s Room Colors

Ella Rose

For a baby-girl, we bet Joanna will provide you with your favorite shade of pink ($44 for a gallon,, which is also named after a few of the future babies of the female relatives “It is a true classic that never goes out of fashion. Therefore, I have decided to make my grandmother’s maiden name, and now my daughter’s first name to describe it,” Joanna said on
Joanna Gaines Children’s Room Colors

Emmie’s room

Another option: The soft, green ($44 for a gallon,, named after Chip and Joanna – daughter, Emmie. “My daughter, Emmie, is a brave girl, but she also has a soft side. This color has a softness that makes it a perfect Supplement for everything fat,” Joanna said on It also reminds us of the “it” color of the moment: sage.

Joanna Gaines Children’s Room Colors

All of these colors are stunning, but subdued, what a calm and soothing space, each mother and child together must have in your first year or two.