Cute Beadboard Powder Room

Cute Beadboard Powder Room

“Sweet” is the word for this adorable powder room/Laundry room by Stacey Michaud. The neutral grey and white with a touch of yellow for a small space with a lot of personality.

The beadboard in here is in a pretty traditional way, at approximately half the height of the wall. But it has the effect of framing the beautiful pedestal sink and toilet, and leave the mirror and shelves, lights.
Almost All-About Beadboard Master Bath

In this traditional master bathroom by Andrea, via Houzz, you have beadboard almost all the way to the top, so that only a small group of color, the ceiling between the edge of the beadboard and the (beadboard).

This has a profound effect on the look of a room: it brings our eyes up and lifts the blanket. Also, note how the image on the right side is higher than the edge of the beadboard, there is more importance in the room.

Beadboard Bathroom In Black And White

Black and white is a bold and trendy choice in the bathroom, now, and beadboard can work really well in the ultimate contrasting colors. This holiday home bathroom design by Bella Mancini used beadboard as the lower white half of the installed, against the black lace.

The movement of the beadboard is a life-saver here. Instead of a flat white color, you will have to play some interesting textures that give the space movement and interest.

DIY Beadboard bathroom Boys

Danielle Pearce from 2 Little super heroes in your own beadboard for your boys’ bathroom with wooden boards and slats.

This ultra-wide-angle beadboard is perfect, the definition of the three towel hooks: one towel per “square”. This gives the room a nice sense of movement and design, and gives each boy a “personal” space for your own towel.

Elegant Beadboard Master Bath

The elegant master bathroom of Tom Stringer Design partners has a two-tiered beadboard wall with a frame around the massive and elegant vanity area and the drop-in tub with a marble edge.

The two levels of the beadboard to add depth and help frame all of the different elements of this bathroom. Anything that touches the ground, it remains on the lower level, while the mirrors and light fixtures to stay at the top. It is a good way to break up a large space, to make it more familiar.

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