Decorate a Bathroom

Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget

Sure, 10-foot garden tub, walk-in steam shower, heated towel bars and hand -, custom fired sinks would be painted, you can transform your drab bathroom into a showplace, but what if your budget looks more like a washtub and a garden hose?

Well, even if it’s empty and the cupboard bare, but you can change your bathroom into a unique and elegant space. Here are just six budget bathroom ideas to try:

Shelves. If you have a metal shelf in the garage, re-purpose it for the bathroom! Paint it a glossy red or black with a can of spray paint and use it for the cloth and body care-storage. Add some scented candles and baskets full of decorative Soaps for an inviting look. (By the way, actually someone will USE this decorative Soaps?)

Shower Curtain Magic. You can make a shower curtain from a sheet or bedspread from a discount store. Low thread count sheets tend to be the best shower make curtains. You can attach links to the rod from a package of matching bias tape cut into 10-inch lengths and sewn to the top of the sheet at 12-inch intervals. For the ties, which are still in use more economical, you can use scraps of yarn, which passes through the eyelets placed on the upper side of the sheet. If this is too expensive, simply thread the rod through the lower pocket on the upper side of the sheet. You will be sure that the lining of the inside of the shower curtain with a water-proof curtain as well.

Custom Towels. You cut long strips from a matching sheet and sew along the bottom of inexpensive towels to give a custom look. You can also use decorative cotton band. Be sure that your accent bleed piece and towel to each other in the Laundry.

Even more budget bathroom decorating ideas:

Mirror, Mirror. The illusion of a larger space in your bathroom, add a large mirror over the bath. Just don’t put them where you can see how these “love handles”, if you get into the bathtub. You can mount a mirror meant for the back of your Cabinet door. They are available at most discount stores for under $15. Simply arrange it horizontally to the width and the space. Mount a shelf under the mirror for toiletries, candles, wash cloth, and soap. A simple wood plank mounted to do on the brackets.

Storage. If you need additional space for storage, bring in a mismatched bedside table from the flea market or thrift shop. Paint it a matching color and place next to the bath, or chest of drawers for towel or paper storage. You put a candle in a beautiful thrift store saucer for a feminine touch. And don’t forget the under-the-sink area. This room is often cluttered, a mess, so rule them with a stack of boxes or containers. Even a Shoe box can help you organize rarely used goods, the need to live in the bathroom.

Vanity. You want an unusual vanity? If tile cutting is an old buffet or dresser with a damaged top, you have a place in the top to fit your sink and cover the top with broken mosaic. Only the cementing of the tile – ask your hardware store for the supplies. You have to cut a space in the back for plumbing, but the entire look is gorgeous!
The Canister. Save your glass mason jars and use them in the bathroom. Or if you don’t want that glass look in this room, discounted plastic container, keep your bathroom Goodies in an organized manner. Remember that many materials (glass, plastic, metal) can be painted spray or stencils to be the exact color you really need for your bathroom.

So with a little imagination, you can create a beautiful bathroom decor on a budget.