design bathroom

Towel dryer and its role in the design of the bathroom

Towel drying radiator in the bathroom needed primarily to provide reasonable temperature and air drying. towel dryers are water, electric and combined.

Water used as a source of heat and water is directly dependent on the availability of hot water. With all his strength, such batteries have a very limited life, depending on the water quality and material. Especially for brass, chrome-plated steel and copper. A positive aspect is the high technical and practical characteristics and low cost.
Electric towel rails are not dependent on the central heating and is connected directly to the power supply. As a result of the transformation of electricity into heat radiation it very quickly heats the room with a large area.

design bathroom

They are divided into oil and those provided with an electric cable. Towel presents a large variety of shapes and patterns. It can be presented in the form of clips, combs and forms with moving beams.

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