DIY Valentine’s Day Kitchen Towels

Add a romantic decor to your kitchen on Valentine’s day by the regular intake of tea towels and turn them into beautiful Valentine’s day themed kitchen towels that are perfect for hanging on your door or leave by the sink while you do the dishes.


Heart Accent Tea Towel Materials Cut two pieces of ribbon that are slightly longer than the width of the dish towel.

Textile glue on the back to apply a piece of tape and press it down against the dish towel. To give you can repeat this step with the second Band, and an offset design easily a more interesting design. For this harness, the ribbons we glued the cloth directly over the top of each via in the vicinity of the bottom of the tea towel, but the positioning and spacing of the bands are up to your own creativity how you would like to create your towel.
Once the glue is dried, you can see the glue on the packaging for exact drying times,…MORE

Take the excess bit of ribbon on both sides of the tea-towels and stick it on the back of the tea towel to achieve a clean edge on the front of the tea towel.
Once the glue on the back of the dry dish towel is ready for use in your kitchen to dry dishes or as a decorative Element.

To begin, her heart accent tea towel, cut a small square of red cotton or a piece of red felt and fold it in half. With fabric scissors or a sharp craft scissors, cut half of a heart, so that is the center of the heart on the folded side of the fabric. It is also possible to purchase a pre-cut heart appliqués.
Fabric glue, apply along the edge of the cut heart shape and position of the fabric heart in the middle of the tea towel. In the selection of fabric-based adhesive.

Once the glue has dried your tea towel is ready to use.

Tip: Instead of using tea-towels, it is possible to do the same to create on napkins or towels for the bathroom, Valentine’s day decor for your whole house.

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