How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The Installation of a bathroom fan is only the agent you need for the rooms that never seem to dry.

While a bathroom exhaust fan is not Assembly of the easiest home improvement project, you might be surprised to learn that it is a bit lighter than expected and can be achieved, completely DIY.

Moisture-Laden air is the enemy of bathroom-color, textiles such as towels and curtains, Windows and doors. Don’t forget to drive out the moisture–odors–makes for a much more pleasant bathroom experience for all.

Before You Start

Two questions often concerned the house owners, who in this project: electricity and venting to the outside. The majority of residential bathroom fans, AC 120V electrical wires. The following instructions offer tips for finding live electrical wires, and you run to the right place.

Vent means that the air from the bathroom is drawn into the exhaust fan, it is blown, by means of a connected flexible tube and out of the house through a hole in the side of the house or on the roof attached. Since this is a new installation (no exchange), your bath-channel system. However, as long as you have access to the area above the ceiling in the bathroom, you will be able to route the vent from the outside.
Tools and materials

Round wall vent or roof vent cap, depending on whether you are exhausting to the side wall or roof.

Exterior grade silicone caulk

Instructions for the Installation

To begin, you will need a 6-foot ladder, a light and a filter mask. Turn off the electricity to the existing ceiling light by flipping off the breaker at the service panel. Search flap your attic, and give him with the ladder.
You can find the Power

The vent fan is installed in the ceiling.

You may already have electricity running to the exact spot where you intend to install the bathroom vent fan. Depending on the local electrical code, you can use lighting, you can share your bathroom circuit with the fan. The bathroom lighting circuit, normally supplied with power, to your bathroom ceiling light. Alternatively, you can replace the light for a fan /light combination.

If your code requires a dedicated circuit for the fan, run a new cable from the service panel to the ceiling in the bathroom area. If you’re not comfortable building new circuits, as well as working with the service panel feel–a dangerous area–this would be the time to have an electrician to complete this task.