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Latest Bathroom Tech Innovations You Won’t Want To Live Without

The smart home swells a lot of ink in the home and lifestyle blogs and magazines. Technology has developed so far that it now lives in our walls, in our refrigerators and garage doors, our security systems, and even for our stoves.

But what is with the bathroom? It seems like there is not much space for high-tech. After all, the basic things we need to do it’s not really tech support.


The bathroom is actually where there is the greatest potential for improving the technology, in particular in the save water and make the space more hygienic. Here are some of the technological advances, you might want to check for your next remodel… or just dream in your basic bath.
High-tech faucets

Until not long ago, I thought that the highest level of technology for the valves has an infrared sensor—the kind they have in the mall, and restaurant bathroom. But not any more.

Apart from the infrared sensor (which is more practical and cleaner than the spread of germs, all of which brush up on the fittings, of course), companies like GROHE have set with the electronic Timer, you can, for tasks such as teeth.

Basically, the tap runs for a few seconds while you wet your brush. Then it is turned off for the time you choose, and continue, so you can rinse your brush and your mouth. If you have trouble brushing your teeth for the recommended 3 minutes, the water tap timer can help you.

Water faucet may seem like a technology simply (turn on the water and everything, what can you do) is so pretty, but it will have a big impact on your water consumption. Less wasted water means a more sustainable home.
Fancy Toilets

Toilets gain of technology, can? Of course!

Technology installed, the toilets can do a lot of things, how you save water, keep your seat warm, just move the lid with a motion sensor, to stop the need for paper with automatic water-spritzing, and self-clean.

The automatic water spritzing toilet (aka bidet) should be the first thing in North America, if you ask me. We save a lot of paper and keep our hands cleaner with… Note our business. The high-tech versions have sensors to know when to clean your bum, and not when you clean your hands, so you do not have to touch any buttons.

Heated seats are great if you happen to live somewhere cold. All you have to do is replace the seat with a thermal version, or add a heating device to the cover, which warms the seat while closed. Toastie Tush ($50) is to buy a pretty good, if you want to try to get out of.

Motion sensors can do a lot for the toilets. Automatic flushing is the typical use, but you can also get a toilet with an automatic lid lifts up and goes down depending on whether someone approaches, sit, or come out of the toilet. No more fighting over the men who put the seat up in the night!

And if you really burn some money ($6400), you can buy a Kholer Numi toilet, which has pretty much everything above and more. Self-cleaning, foot heating, dual-flush, with programmable LED lighting and a built-in bidet, very comfortable to the most luxurious toilet, the have you ever.

At this price, it is better to me to have dinner.