How Much Does a Tiny House Really Cost?

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

You probably already know that the small houses on wheels in General, less expensive than traditional houses. But how much money you can expect to spend on a teensy apartment? Whether you are planning to buy or DIY, we’ve got your back.

Pint-size of the apartments vary greatly in price, because they are as varied as their larger counterparts. Building materials and necessary equipment — not to mention fuel costs and Parking fees are just some of the things that drive the total cost of the tiny residential property. To a lot of the stuff can leave you with little money for something else (such as the much-needed holiday).

To help you come up with a realistic budget for your future dream home, we collected the following list of pricing guidelines and surprise expenses for tiny houses on wheels.

What is the median cost in the USA for a tiny house on wheels? If you live equipped to search for a roaming home with essential amenities for full time, including a 3/4 bath, working kitchen and dining /living room, it is $59,884.

To get that number, we compared the prices for the year 2017 from 25 tiny house construction company is located in 13 different States. Just so you know, unlike a traditional house, the price for a trailer load, location not country — More on that later.