Small Cabins You Can DIY or Buy for $300 and More

If the word conjures up in the cabin, images of old-timey cottages on the rugged border, you are in for a treat. Once a symbol of the humble, the backcountry of origin, the cabin lifestyle is now an ambitious destination for those looking to downsize and reconnect with nature.

Whether it’s the classic block-house, or something incredibly modern, to help you discover your dream retreat here 18 small huts, you can buy or DIY for $300 and more.

Ditching the city for cabin life means saying goodbye to household amenities such as a state of the art kitchen to say, the people’s car to escape, a company that builds award-winning park model homes and residential.

Our favorite example is the Gateway. Its basic package includes a drool-worthy kitchen adorned with maple cabinets and full-size Energy-Star appliances. The panoramic Windows that make you feel at one with nature is another attractive feature. Bonus: each escape-retreat…MORE

Looking to live like Henry Thoreau? You can Henry DIY this little hut Joalex.
The expert do-it-yourselfer who built these yet alone share, what you need to know about cabin design by picking out the best logs, to prevent the wood red with a layer of cooking oil. His small home costs less than $2,500, especially with recycled materials.

If you dream of a small cabin in Maryland, you can purchase a Hobbitat. The construction company creates modern apartments are wrapped in reclaimed wood, in particular, the state construction codes are met. Structures built for year-round use starting at $85,000.

For a taste of the cabin life, you can use the saved in a refuge from Hobbitat spaces at Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland The Moonshadow shared here is loaded with beautiful features, including back to the Douglas fir required…MORE

The wedge by wheel house is built in a 400 square metres of modular cabin, on a trailer chassis. Like most of the small houses on wheels, it qualifies as a recreational vehicle so that you can are allowed anywhere cars for a living.

Just a few of the cabin, the distinctive features include exterior siding from back of snow fences, large trapezoid shaped Windows, impressive high ceilings required. We think the bathroom is particularly attractive with a Euro

MUJI is a Japanese company known for the production of simple and affordable products from furniture to clothing. But for his fans, MUJI is not only a brand, but a way of life. Perhaps this is the reason why the global retailers is the entry in the small cabin of business. His first model called MUJI hut, a pinch of less than 100 square meters in size and has floor to ceiling wood panelling. It is currently available in Japan for around $28,000 USD.