Technological soak

Technological soak

Bathrooms are not only bathrooms and more. They are filled with technological advances that make bath time more relaxing and efficient.

Today’s high-tech bathtubs can be a chromatherapy feature, which uses colored lights to enhance your mood. The lights are embedded in the tub itself, and can be changed, depending on the effect you need. Additional Relaxation? You can use turquoise or purple.

Need to stimulate your creativity? Yellow and orange will work well. Green brings balance, and white, clarifies and cleanses.

Electronically controlled water temperature is also more and more common for free-standing tubs. In this way, your bath water will be a uniform temperature, you can sit in the right way, to heat instead of you, or wait for it to cool a little.

Last, but not least, you don’t need to buy a hot tub for Spa -like air jets. You can use it bathrooms directly into your bathroom with the latest air. The air jets are electronically controlled and allow for different levels of sensation, from a light swirl, deep massage. The prices start at about $2500 for alcove baths, free standing bathtubs are more expensive.

All of these tech advances can also be used in the shower. Walk-in showers may need a different system, but the idea is the same: control, chromatherapy, water temperature and pressure, music and television, air-jets, and more via an electronic control panel.


The high-tech bathroom is not limited to the actual toilet fixtures and hardware. You can add elements that will make your time more enjoyable and/or productive.

If you enjoy a cool glass of wine of sparkling wine want to do with your bathroom, you can get a small cooler next to your tub for easy access to your favorite drinkable bubbles, while she massaged their Hydra therapy bath

Do you like binging on Netflix, but be afraid to let your tablet in the water? Technicians can install a TV in the wall for long, relaxing baths, catching up with House of Cards and daredevil. In the shower in the morning, you can catch up on the news!
Automated Bathroom

Imagine walking into the bathroom and saw the lights turn on without the cue on your part. As she lifts on foot in the direction of the toilet, the seat automatically. You wash your hands just with an automatic sensor under the faucet; it turns on and goes off, without you having to touch anything.

Taking a bath is a wonderful adventure: as you are preparing for a date with your partner, you decide to take the red chroma therapy light to you in the mood. Soft romantic music plays at the touch of a button. A few minutes Hydra therapy massage relaxes your muscles sore from a day at work.

As you step out of the tub your make-up empties automatically and the light turns on just the right level for you to do.

That sounds like a dream bathroom to me!