A Toe Kick Step Stool

Genevieve says she’s 5-foot two on a good day, so a foldable step stool is a must have in your small kitchen. She keeps it stored in a kick-drawer under a kitchen Cabinet. It keeps the step stool is in range, but out-of-sight.

Kick drawers are also sheets is the perfect hanger for baking, pizza pans and trays. After Genevieve had installed your kick drawer, you added a drawer that matched her cabinets.

Here are a few to make more space, kitchens tips:

An expandable-over-the-sink strainer additional function to a single bowl sink. It makes it easier to strain pasta or rinse vegetables, when the sink is occupied.

Inexpensive under shelf storage bins (they are the ones who convert from the wire), know, the space on dishes, glasses and cups in your cupboards to useful storage space. Even better, they are available in different sizes. And many of the options developed, I have been seen to slip on the solid shelves, so you can install not tools need to.

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