Types of Bidets

While the many benefits of a bidet sounds appealing, the installation of an additional light in your bathroom may be out of the question. Fortunately, there are all kinds of options that you can buy that require a complete redesign.

These range from so-called “smart toilets” with a built-in bidet-not to mention the functions of (, foot warmer, and Bluetooth music systems, but that’s a whole separate story). You will also find a number of high-quality seats, and hand-held systems on the market, offer the add-on bidet functions to an existing toilet.

Toilets with integrated Bidet: Most of today’s high-tech toilets include a bidet-function along with all sorts of pampering features. Toto compact washlet G500 comes with a built-in Deodorant, sensor-activated lid opener and hands-free automatic flusher. Kohler San Raphael with a remote-controlled bidet as well as a night light, warm air dryers and energy-saving dual-flush technology.

Bidet seats: Easy to install, easy to use, a bidet seat instantly transforms your toilet into a high-tech throne. With the electronic models, the touch of a button, a small nozzle is sufficient among them, the sprays a comfortable stream of warm, aerated water. When you are finished, it is cleans the nozzle automatically in front of the retract back into his sleeve. Many models are also available with heated seats and dryers, while some, including the popular Brondell Swash 1000, including energy-efficient tankless water-heating systems. There are a number of eco-conscious, electric bidet seats as well. This need to only work water pressure, and are less expensive than their electric and battery-operated counterparts.
Bidet attachments: This is a very affordable, easy-to-install products, which are mounted on the underside of an existing toilet seat, and do not require batteries or electricity to operate. The Bio-Bidet connects Elite 3 to your toilet fresh-water-supply line and has front, rear, and nozzle-cleaning modes. However, they note that the water is heated to do.

Handheld Bidets: Similar to the price to bidet attachments, these models resemble handheld shower sprays. Brondell’s CleanSpa can be installed on virtually any toilet with an external water supply.

What is your opinion?

We shower with water. We wash our faces and hands with water. Bidets offer a water-efficient way to clean and more comfortable than most Americans have ever experienced. Is it time to rethink our traditional bathroom rituals?