Wood counters

A small, but significant, wooden touch to your bathroom can also be carried out by the worktops. Since you’re not cutting or doing anything hard on these performance indicators, (opposite the kitchen), with a softer material is not a problem.

If it’s moisture you’re worried about, there is a lot of moisture-resistant forest and sealants, which will help your counter to resist water damage. Of course, the good ventilation and moisture-management also helps.

Wood counter also come in many forms, from traditional to modern, rustic and recycled. Different shades and colors for different styles!

Wood for every taste and budget

No matter what your remodeling budget, or your décor style and taste, a wood element in the bathroom makes it feel cozy, warm, and comfortable. You can only do one or two things, or go all-in with a number of wooden decor elements in your bathroom.