You Need These Harry Potter-Inspired Candles In Your Life ASAP

It is hard to read or watch the Harry Potter series, without immediately the idea of the life in Hogwarts, or dashing down Diagon Alley in his world. Years later, the fandom is just as alive and well-how to help companies that are looking for ways you live your best life (read: cash in on its cache), also if you are forever damned to a Muggle.

Two candle companies have come up with creative ways to bring you a step closer to feeling like they live in the novels. Although Highland Bluff Studio not specifically the words “Harry Potter” or “Hogwarts,” it is easy to say, the line is inspired by the Boy who Lived.
There is a whole range of scents, the Brew through all the seven books are: Buttery (flavored, buttered-rum-and-vanilla-blend, undoubtedly, the butter beer); cauldron cakes, like the kind of Potter and friends to eat aboard the Hogwarts Express; the forbidden forest, a woody scent that will remind you of where Harry was, that the run-spider-in with Aragog, the giant; and the rectorate, frankincense, and myrrh, a mixture, apparently, smells like Dumbledore. And the are only sold a few of the candles studio on Amazon.

As if that were not enough, an Etsy shop has made a name for itself, specializing in a completely different Harry-Potter-inspired candles. His sorting hat candle, reflects the story in the book, only instead of a witch’s hat light in the head, and after he read their thoughts, to determine which of the wizarding school with four houses, just enter the candle.

As the wick burns, the wax melts and changes colors, revealing whether you are a Hufflepuff (yellow) Ravenclaw (blue), Gryffindor (red), or Slytherin (green). The candle, sold BigLittleCandleCo, is meant to smell like “the moment, your hat has your head.” Apparently, this is a blend of leather, spices, a hint of cocoa and cedar.